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About Us

Powered by our own unique Top List script, coded top to bottom by our own development team, we are able to offer a better quality Top List service as we are 100% in control of our product.

Our voting technology is unique and has many counter measures built in - which in turn helps us to eliminate cheaters, unlike 99% of other Top List websites out there. Every website has a true and honest rank which gives everyone a fair chance to get to the top.

Users are given one account from which they can be in control of multiple websites with ease - a decision made based on research that showed that many webmasters own more than one site, and it was a pain to have to login to multiple accounts to manage all of their listings.

Our goal is to become the largest Top List Network on the world wide web - and powered by our own product and determination, we honestly believe that it is just a matter of time before this is achieved.


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